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What are Communication Skills | Grad Club Blog
What are Communication Skills? Do you really need them?

Good communication can land you in a job offering high pay. In recent times two people having similar experience and qualifications are distinguished by the communication skills they possess so to sustain in this competitive market it has become important to have an edge over others and also to get good pay.

Clarity in Communication | Grad.Club
Clarity is Key in Communication

One of the most important components of the inner game of communication is speaking with clarity. We all believe in a leader who has clarity and conviction. When you speak with clarity, it will create trust and help others easily understand what you say.

Communication Game | Grad Club
How strong is your Communication game?

One common challenge many engineers face is communication skills. Most engineers who are non-native English speakers believe that effective communication means framing grammatically correct sentences. Not fully true. In fact, research shows that words only account for 7% of communication.