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Art of Presentation

So most of you must already be beaming while reading this thinking of all the times you presented a powerpoint slideshow or a work of your art in your school or college. So, now let’s talk about the art of presentation. It is surely not everyone’s cup of tea but it doesn’t mean you cannot grab the cup! Grad.Club is here to help you master the art of presentation with quirky tips! So read on to discover the art of presenting!

Learning the Art

Have a clear plan in mind: It’s important to have a clear cut plan in your mind about the introduction, body and the ending. Think about what you want to deliver to the audience prior.

Be yourself: Be authentic and do not throw out false statements in order to amuse the audience. Let your original self come across in the presentation and your delivery. Finally, believe in yourself and the message. That belief will translate in your presentation and will reach your audience.

Less is More: Deliver the information without blabbering or too much information which the audience probably cannot understand. Just keep it short and simple and remember that less is more!

Keep it short: No one, including yourself, likes super long lectures. No matter how interesting or witty a presentation is, the human brain cannot take it any longer than 45 minutes. So keep it short before you bore the audience to death. Good presenters are great time managers. It says that you know not only to present, but also to respect other people’s time and keep it concise.

Use interesting features: Instead of numbers in a table you can represent them in a graph or a plot. These things make the presentation more animated and makes it easier for the audience to understand your points.

Practice: Don’t worry about me using ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Oh boy! I did use it right, sorry! But the adage stands true in almost everything and presentation is not an exception. Even if you are good at it, practising beforehand makes you less nervous. So make sure you practice the flow a few times.

Don’t be nervous: At the end of the day, if you are delivering a good presentation you are gaining the audience’s applause and if you don’t, you are bagging experience. So remember that nothing is at stake and a bad presentation is not the end of the world.

Benefits of a good presentation

After understanding the art of presentation, it’s time we thought about the significance of it and why we are putting so much effort into it. Okay!okay! I hear you lads, I’ll keep it short!

It puts on display your vocabulary, communication skills, leadership qualities and charisma all at the same time!

You can connect with all your target audience at one place and there’s no need to go over your product/service multiple times.

You can win over someone easily with a presentation rather than a conventional description.

If you deliver a good presentation, you become more likeable and also add value to your company and to the product/service as well.

Quick tips

Apart from the basic guidelines, Grad.Club brings you some exclusive tips to make sure you stand out from the rest!

  • Eye contact is essential. This makes the audience more attentive and interested.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with the style of presentation or the features in it. You can always figure out new ways of presenting!
  • Use your tone and voice modulations to enunciate important lines.
  • Practice in the mirror to help observe your body language and flow and improve yourself.
  • Count the number of ‘aah’ and ‘uhmms’ you are uttering for a five minute window and try to bring it down to zero.
  • Use catchy lines and quotes to hook the audience.
  • Ask questions or throw in some jokes in the middle of the presentation to jolt awake those in lala land.
  • Always ask for feedback. It can help you make your presentation even better the next time.
After that 700 word information(thanks to word count) we hope you are standing in front of the mirror and are already busy practising for your next presentation. Hey, but don’t be selfish, you exactly know that one friend who gets nervous at presentations, help the poor kid and share this with them!
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