What are Communication Skills? Do you really need them?

What are Communication Skills | Grad Club Blog

Good communication can land you in a job offering high pay. In recent times two people having similar experience and qualifications are distinguished by the communication skills they possess so to sustain in this competitive market it has become important to have an edge over others and also to get good pay.

Student Networking 101

Student Networking 101 | Grad.Club

So, imagine if you are a wannabe influencer, connecting with other influencers in your college, having good relationships with people working for your college magazine, being in touch with brand agencies and photographers in your college all counts as networking!

Art of Presentation

Art of Presentation | Grad.Club

So most of you must already be beaming while reading this thinking of all the times you presented a powerpoint slideshow or a work of your art in your school or college. So, now let’s talk about the art of presentation. It is surely not everyone’s cup of tea but it doesn’t mean you cannot grab the cup! Grad.Club is here to help you master the art of presentation with quirky tips! So read on to discover the art of presenting!