How strong is your Communication game?

How strong is your Communication game?

One common challenge many engineers face is communication skills. Most engineers who are non-native English speakers believe that effective communication means framing grammatically correct sentences. Not fully true. In fact, research shows that words only account for 7% of communication. Effective communication is everything behind the words and sentences you say.

Let me give you an example. An engineer, Raj, came to me and said, “Aditya, I want to improve my communication skills so I can crack the job interviews with a higher success rate.” I asked him to explain what objects mean in a programming language. He articulated the definition better than most textbooks. The next day, a recruiter asked him the same question, and he froze. When I asked him what thoughts were going in his mind when he froze, he said he was thinking about framing the answer. In other words, he is worried that he will say the wrong thing and blow away the interview. His self- doubt kept him from answering the question effectively. Effective communication is everything behind the words and sentences you say.

Your thoughts, perspectives, beliefs are your inner game, which determines the effectiveness of your communication. Once you master the inner game of communication, the words and sentences you use are like icing on the cake.

In the next few Blog Posts, I will share how to overcome your self-doubt so you can confidently speak your mind.

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  • My parents always wanted me to have healthy communication skills and so insisted that I communicate in English as much as possible, watch English movies, read the newspaper, and also follow English cricket commentary. I think that by instilling similar ideas would aid in the growth of communication skills for non-native English speakers, especially engineers.

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