Importance of Mentors

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Importance of Mentors


This word might mean different things to peeps reading this. For some it might be the friend that helps in need, for some it might be the uncle that dishes out advice every time, for some it might be a professor who pats their back.

Whoever it might be, their duty boils down to a single thing, ‘guiding you’.

Many institutions across the globe do not have mentors to guide the students and support them through tough times. But, here on Grad.Club, we understand that the importance of mentors is priceless. Hence Grad.Club is here to bring you some of the best mentors from across the globe.

With that being said what does a mentor usually do?

Support you: A mentor should support you whenever you are low. They should be a constant source of strength to you and counsel you whenever necessary.

Push your boundaries: This naturally comes to any mentor, with their expertise in a designated field, they can estimate your existing skills and push you to explore things outside your comfort groove. Uncomfortable in the beginning, this might make you a more dynamic individual.

Offer a different perspective: When you are stuck on something or need an opinion on something, they offer the best outlooks on the situation, which you might not even think about once. They let you see things from an entirely different perspective.

Can set targets for you and you tend to keep up with them! 

They can set monthly, weekly or even daily targets for you to enhance or assess your performance. But the best part is, you won’t slack off and meet those targets out of respect. This is a good thing, when you are someone who lacks a bit of self discipline.

Emotional Support: While confiding in a peer helps, a peer is as good as you when it comes to maturity and experience. So, that is where mentors come in and offer strong emotional support which is sure to give you the strength throughout your rocky times.

Increase career prospects: They ultimately help you to get to better places if you manage to build a trustworthy and genuine relationship with them. They might recommend you for internships, new colleges, freelancing gigs or a potential job.

How to connect with a mentor?

Sometimes you might have the best mentor around you, but you have never made an effort to communicate or seek. Keep it real by communicating more with people around you – you might discover a mentor! To make it easier for you we’ve mentioned below some points that will help you:

  • Actively communicate with someone whom you feel you look upto and make sure you talk about significant events in your life.
  • Build a genuine connection and make sure you stay in touch with them.
  • Greet them when you see them and do not forget to text them on special occasions by congratulating them!
  • Mentors are like Doctors or Lawyers. Do not lie to them. They will be able to help you best with their advice or suggestions only when they know everything about you in the most truthful way.
  • Mentorship need not always happen in a one-to-one interaction. You could also benefit from someone’s mentorship by reading their blog/advice or experience with Grad. Club being one such place!

After reading this, are you excited to have a mentor now?

Well, “Seek and the Universe will give you. Ask and Grad.Club will connect you!”.

Click on the link below to connect to a mentor!

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