The Rise of Student Entrepreneurs

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Well, a big hello to the student entrepreneurs who are reading this with a smirk and to the ones who want to become one!

While you might already know that Mark Zuckerberg was a student entrepreneur, you might be surprised to know that Matthew Mullenweg of WordPress and Blake Ross who launched Mozilla Firefox also come under this category! When they came up with their own stuff, they were in their teens or early twenties!

Student entrepreneurship doesn’t essentially mean that you should own a billion dollar business while undertaking a course! While we won’t be surprised if you are a student that has a billion dollar business!

It can often mean that a student, apart from focusing on his education, is also into a business, however small it might be, which essentially is a by-product of his original ideas.

The Rise of Student Entrepreneurs

Times have most certainly changed and so did all the other things around. Student entrepreneurs are not as uncommon contrary to the scenario back in the day. But today, the impulse to ‘make a difference’ among the world has never been so fierce and young entrepreneurs are dashing ahead to change the world!

We no longer live in a world where knowledge is passed down from one person to several and instead with a touch of the fingers we can readily access any information. This has allowed young minds to learn what is only useful to them and at their own pace.

Another thing that might have fuelled young entrepreneurs is the technological advancements which pave way to many possibilities and the ubiquitous social media that helps people gain exposure throughout the globe.

Owing to all these factors, student entrepreneurship has definitely witnessed a massive surge across the globe! Including some of you, of course!

But what is interesting is that most of them do it for passion or to bring a solution to an existing problem rather than for fame or cash, though the latter set of things are add-on’s if the cause is genuine.

Our exclusive tips for you to become one!

Find your strengths: Estimate what skill you are exceptionally good at and work to improvise them. Seek help if necessary and bring that diamond out from the rough.

Choose a path: Whether it’s modelling, technology or arts, first choose a path that you are passionate about! Then, try to think about a problem in the area of your passion and how you can provide a potential solution to that problem.

Research: After you choose a path, do a survey on existing and previous businesses in that category to know what to expect and what to not. Do your market research and try to know what is needed at the moment by the consumers.

Creativity: With thousands of businesses around the world, try to give a reason to people for choosing you. Be creative and fresh when it comes to ideas and always have an out-of-the box approach for things.

Capital(Okay! It’s basically cash): It is a no brainer that you need some cash to start off your business. Try to save up or ask from family or friends. You can also apply for a loan or look out for angel investors(the angels that trust and invest in small businesses)!

Networking: And once you set it up, the next big step is to make people come to you. Make use of all the novel tools and platforms to promote your brand/business. Also, networking can fetch you ample things from customers, partnerships to potential investors. It is an understatement to say that networking is the quintessential requirement to establish/run a successful business.

Equipped with all the missiles we mentioned above, we hope all of you run onto the battlefield and come out as successful entrepreneurs. Just remember that Grad.Club will be coming up with more stuff that helps the Grads here to go chase their dreams while we cheer you from behind!

In case you were wondering about networking, we have an article on student networking to make things easy peasy lemon squeezy for you!

You can find it here!

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