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What are Communication Skills? Do you really need them?

During the lockdown, I decided to enhance my communication skills, for which I started looking for some online courses, and to my surprise, all the courses, where the way to expensive than I expected. So, is it so important?

The answer is “Yes”. Communication is not just about you giving and taking information, it’s about how you do it. In today’s corporate skills, these skills are becoming more and more important. Recent studies suggest that the most desirable quality that hires is looking for his communication skills. So, in recent times, it has become extremely important to improve upon them.

Also, good communication can land you in a job offering high pay. In recent times two people having similar experience and qualifications are distinguished by the communication skills they possess so to sustain in this competitive market it has become important to have an edge over others and also to get good pay.

It has been found that people having good communication skills have higher self-esteem than others. Self-esteem is the way we see ourselves. If we possess good communication, we will feel good about ourselves and increase the self-esteem of ourselves. Our enhanced self-esteem could make us good teamwork which is a skill which hires look for.

Also, good communication skills are not only good for the professional world but also for personal life. Good communicators are found to be better at their homes and also can handle the situation more wisely than others. Also, parents with good communication skills are found to be more effective parents as they also help their children to enhance their self-esteem.

So, all the above factors suggest that indeed having good communication does provide an edge over others so it becomes very important for us to communicate effectively.


Possessing strong communication skills will help you in every phase of your life. This is especially true in the workplace. The very first step you take is to promise yourself that yes, now you are going to learn your communication skills and work at your best to learn it.

Having a coach or mentor for the same can be beneficial. Even reading some books and magazines can serve this purpose but, what I feel is to go with a mentor or coach as they can guide you at every point of your development.

The thing which you can do at your level can be to improve your listening skills. As it is said,” Being a good listener is half the equation to being a good communicator.” People lack to understand that listening is as important as speaking.

If we don’t listen properly, we may tend to not understand properly what other people’s problems are and in turn, we don’t come out to be a good communicator. So, for being a good communicator we must listen to others, understand them, and then only speak.

Along with speaking and listening, body language also plays a role. It is often known to us that we should never cross our arms in a meeting, which often means that we are not in agreement with another person. We should have an open body language meaning always upright and speaking hence reflecting confidence.

It is also important to know whether what we are conveying is getting across the audience or not. For this we can ask for their opinions, discuss an issue related to the topic, or even by looking at their expressions we can identify whether they are listening or not.

Hence there are numerous ways we can enhance our communication so take the first leap!

How good communication power leads to success?

Do you know the person getting the highest package in an interview is the one who is having better communication skills than others? Yes, that is the power of good communication. In maximum fields, good communication is extremely important while some jobs require it more than others like you are in sales, teacher, etc.

In recent times people at top roles are also seeking training for good communication. Okay, so let me explain you with an example. I had two friends of mine who became sales manager in the same company. They were given the same targets each day. One of my friends had excellent communication skills and within a few months he got promoted but another friend of mine could not do so.

He got demotivated and came to me for advice. I explained to him that it’s the power of communication and I acted as a mentor for him and after that, he used to reach his targets and reached new heights.

This was just an example. In each field one or another kind of communication takes place. In a job, you will be required to send emails, or even give presentations. So now is the perfect time to start learning communication as communication will provide you to the path of your success.

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